Thursday, 7 May 2009

Images of Imoinda

Our project has been inspired by the writings of our PhD supervisor, Dr Joan Anim-Addo.

We owe her so much: past, present and future.

Last year
(May 2008) Imoinda was performed as an opera by the Schoo l of the Arts, Rochester City School District in New York. The music was composed by Glenn McClure and students from SOTA.

Today, I tried to find images of Imoinda that we might be able to use on our web site. The images found in no shape or form resemble the image of the strong black female that I have pictured in my mind.

Featured below is just one of the images that I found on a virtual gaming site, beleve it or not. I believe they call these characters Avatars, although in this instance this character is a Mesmer (described as 'one of the many spellcaster type professions in Guildwars. It is one of the core professions and is known to be the most unique professions made in any game. Mesmers are casters who devoted their life to the study of the arts that enables them to manipulate a foe's perceptions, as well as destroy their abilities through their control over their minds' - Interesting!!

I continue to search and will update this blog as and when I find suitable pictures.

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