Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Project Meeting No 1

Yesterday we had our first project meeting. We were very sensible and had an agreed Agenda to work to. We scheduled 2 hours for this meeting and realised quite early on as we thrashed out various ideas that future project meetings may need a slightly longer time slot.

However, the day proved to be very productive and we have a number of items that need to be acted on by the end of next week.

We have also scheduled a second meeting for Friday 28 May where we are hoping that a number of things will be in place ready for our official award date - 1 June 2009.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Start of the week

I decided not to write my blog this past weekend. However that does not mean that I did not spend the weekend thinking about the WoW project (not to be confused with World of Warcraft - which incidentally is a game that my son plays online).

We will need to have a meeting pretty soon to start looking at the administrative side of things, such as: a date for the workshop, how we are going to advertise it, where we are going to advertise it, approaching our key academics etcetera, etcetera, etcetera!!! Do we need to create a logo?? There are lots of 'wow logo' images on go0ogle.

We are hoping to have our initial meeting at the end of this week, so the discussions will begin then. The actual start date of our project is 1 June 2009 with an end date of 31 October 2010.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Images of Imoinda

Our project has been inspired by the writings of our PhD supervisor, Dr Joan Anim-Addo.

We owe her so much: past, present and future.

Last year
(May 2008) Imoinda was performed as an opera by the Schoo l of the Arts, Rochester City School District in New York. The music was composed by Glenn McClure and students from SOTA.

Today, I tried to find images of Imoinda that we might be able to use on our web site. The images found in no shape or form resemble the image of the strong black female that I have pictured in my mind.

Featured below is just one of the images that I found on a virtual gaming site, beleve it or not. I believe they call these characters Avatars, although in this instance this character is a Mesmer (described as 'one of the many spellcaster type professions in Guildwars. It is one of the core professions and is known to be the most unique professions made in any game. Mesmers are casters who devoted their life to the study of the arts that enables them to manipulate a foe's perceptions, as well as destroy their abilities through their control over their minds' - http://guildwars.incgamers.com/showthread.php?t=425256). Interesting!!

I continue to search and will update this blog as and when I find suitable pictures.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Excitement is kicking in!!

Spoke to the Project Team today and we have all come to the conclusion that realisation about the award is only now just kicking in. Thoughts that cross our mind range from how the hell are we going to deliver the project outcomes and at the same time upgrade/complete our PhDs.

Not only are we mothers, sisters, daughters and postgraduate students who are having to juggle family life and study, but we all work as well.

Our first challenge is to set up an email account and web site for the project which is titled: Words from Other Worlds: Critical Perspectives on Imoinda.

We are fortunate to have good contacts within our University and have already been able to have an email account set up for the project: wow2009@gold.ac.uk

We came up with this abbreviation for the project based on its usability. We figure that this will be an easy address to remember.

We have also requested a similar web address : www.goldsmiths.ac.uk/wow

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

A Letter

Saturday 2 May 2009, notification is received that we have been successful in our bid for funding for a student-led initiative from the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

When I talk about we, i am referring to the Project Team:

Natasha Bonelamme, Tendai Marima and myself.

We, three, are PhD students in the Centre for Caribbean Studies at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Our project 'Words from Other Worlds: Critical Perspectives on Imoinda' will begin in August 2009. Although in reality the preparation starts now.

Let the fun (and hard work) begin