Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Excitement is kicking in!!

Spoke to the Project Team today and we have all come to the conclusion that realisation about the award is only now just kicking in. Thoughts that cross our mind range from how the hell are we going to deliver the project outcomes and at the same time upgrade/complete our PhDs.

Not only are we mothers, sisters, daughters and postgraduate students who are having to juggle family life and study, but we all work as well.

Our first challenge is to set up an email account and web site for the project which is titled: Words from Other Worlds: Critical Perspectives on Imoinda.

We are fortunate to have good contacts within our University and have already been able to have an email account set up for the project:

We came up with this abbreviation for the project based on its usability. We figure that this will be an easy address to remember.

We have also requested a similar web address :

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