Monday, 19 October 2009


Good morning all.

Today I have subscribed to a number of Jismail lists in order to circulate information about our one day workshop. Lists joined today are as follows:
  • C18-Studies: which provides information and research network for any aspect of eighteenth century culture, literature, history, philosophy;
  • Comparative-literature: provides a forum for all who are interested in the study of literature without confinement to national or linguistic boundaries, and in relation to other disciplines;
  • Cultural-Memory: which explores the construction, manipulation and transmission of memories, also the role played by memory in identity formation. CM explores minority communities, especially work in postcolonial studies. Material studied includes film, literature, art, oral history,anthropology;
  • Lit-Lang-Culture-Events: This list carries announcements of UK calls for conference papers, conferences and other events (meetings, conferences, seminars etc) in English literature, language, linguistics and cultural studies;
  • Music-19thC-Lit: This list aims to encourage discussion and the exchange of ideas about ways in which literature written in English during the period c. 1800 -1918 can be used to enrich understanding of musical meaning and/or music as cultural and social activity.

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